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deckscrubber -> 64 bit rpc traffic to ISA Server Std 2004 (sp3) (25.Jun.2010 4:50:09 AM)

I have 32 bit  Windows Server 2003 Standard as a DC at our head office. Itís running a fully patched version of Isa Server 2004 sp3.

I'm setting up a child domain at a branch office connected via vpn (transparent to ISA)with a 64 bit Windows Server 2008 Standard as the child domain's DC. The child domain dc is using Symantec Endpoint Protection for it's Firewall.

I was unable to create the child domain at the branch office as part way through the process I was recieving RPC 1727 errors on the server I wanted to promote to child dc, so I brought it back to the main office and created child domain, setting up the new DC.

I then took the server back to the branch office and updated DNS to reflect the new location.

Obviously I still now have the problem that I'm unable to replicate AD data as I still recieve RPC failures from the child domain back to the main office. RPC traffic is okay from main office to branch office and rcpping works fine that way.

After researching the issue I found out that dynamic port allocation has changed since server 2008 and vista were released. I also noticed several people reporting issues with 64 bit rpc traffic to ISA server 2006 failing as RPC has changed in it's 64 bit implementation.

I'm now wondering if ISa Server 2004 is able to cope with external 64 bit RPC traffic and I need to upgrade to ISA 2006. Does anyone know if there are any issues with 64 bit rpc traffic and ISA server 2004 and if so does anyone have a simliar set-up working?


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