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farzadshokri -> can't use domain set rule for s2s ipsec vpn (4.Jul.2010 2:36:26 AM)

we have a s2s IPsec vpn connection between HO and Remote site using third party device (Border ware). Isa server is located behind VPN server in remote site to control access of local network to internet. I'm trying to create a rule using domain name set to allow access from Remote site to HO and deny access to any other external site. it's not working & i can't undrestand why.

if the domain set is any external domain(like, ...) firewall policy rule working fine, but if when I use our HO Local domain( domain set ,the rule doesn't recognize it. iv'e left with no choice except that allow access from internal to external which is not my desire.

I'll be waiting for any idea that might help

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