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Andrewbell47 -> UDP RTP Traffic Being Blocked (9.Jul.2010 6:26:30 PM)

Hi All,

I'm having an issue with my ISA.  I'm trying to get incoming RTP audio (UDP Packets) to be forwarded to a PBX.  They work outbound no problem but audio from the phone, that is external to the PBX, will not be received by the PBX.

The rule set up is as follows:

Allow UDP from Anywhere to the internal IP.  Primary rule is Recieve UDP 6004-6194.  The rule is set on the external IP where the audio is being pointed to.

I ran a trace to ensure the phone is sending the audio and I ran the ISA log and found that ISA is blocking it but I can't figure out why.

It shows the correct rule but it says "A duplicate name exists on the network"  Error 0x80070034

I don't understand this error.  Which computer is it referencing?



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