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cmkav1 -> HTTP to HTTPS (15.Jul.2010 11:11:08 AM)


When logging into a site to check quarantined messages, we start out as http:// etc. The page will load and load but nothing will ever happen. While it's still loading, we can type an S at the end of the http and it will then go to the quarantine manager.

We have tried using different browsers, compatability mode in IE, removing antivirus. It does work fine from home and outside the building.

We can't find any rule that woould be preventing this site from going from http to https.

While watching the fw logs, there is a denied message with UDP port 1947.

Can anyone point us in the right direction or let me know if I need to provide more info?


cmkav1 -> RE: HTTP to HTTPS (21.Jul.2010 11:10:43 AM)

I disabled the Compression Filter in ISA website works like a charm…but there are a few sites that don't display properly such as

Is there a way to customize compression rules for different sites?

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