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jqdurham -> Forefront TMG MBE VLAN routing (9.Aug.2010 10:56:24 AM)

We're setting up a tagged VLAN for our internal voice network.  At times, devices will need to communicate across VLANs.  We're using HP switches with IP routing enabled.  If I set my workstation's default gateway to our routing switch, I'm able to ping across VLANs.  However, if I set my gateway to TMG, pings fail and I see FWX_E_UNREACHABLE_ADDRESS.

Here is what I've done to TMG...
Created network object representing our Voice network (
Created network rule mapping our Internal network to Voice.
Added static, persistent route to Forefront computer (route -p add

I understand I'll need access rules as well, but the monitor seems to be showing that TMG doesn't know how to get to  Have I missed something?


PS. Forefront is our edge firewall and currently the default gateway for workstations.

jqdurham -> RE: Forefront TMG MBE VLAN routing (9.Aug.2010 11:26:28 AM)

FYI, I have followed this guide as well with the same result.

I ran the Getting Starting wizard adding the appropriate route but I'm still experiencing the same result (Unreachable Address).

jqdurham -> RE: Forefront TMG MBE VLAN routing (25.Mar.2011 12:05:56 PM)

Any help?

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