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Dr Zoidberg -> Can't get Web Proxy clients to autodiscover (13.Aug.2010 10:31:12 AM)

I'm new to ISA server (but not to Windows or AD) and am trying to set up a test environment where's it's used as a Web Proxy with autoconfiguration of clients.
I've got the server installed and configured ok so it works if a client is manually set to use on port 8080 - I can see their session and history in the logs.

Now on to autodiscovery..
On the properties for the network within ISA I have ticked the "Publish automatic discovery information....."
Following the instructions here I initially tried the DNS method of autoconfiguration. The first hiccup was that my DNS server refused to resolve to an IP address but I found out how fix that using this link
Once the DNS issue was fixed I tested the browsers and they didn't use the proxy server, though if I tried, I could download the wpad file from

Next I tested the DHCP method and set option 252 to be , rebooted a test machine on that subnet and started to surf, but again it didn't send traffic to the proxy server....

Does anyone have any handy pointers where I might be going wrong as it all seems correct to me but I'm sure I've missed something really obvious.

elmajdal -> RE: Can't get Web Proxy clients to autodiscover (13.Aug.2010 8:11:45 PM)

Tom Shinder explained this with a step  by step article.

Check his article here :

mmh -> RE: Can't get Web Proxy clients to autodiscover (12.Dec.2012 8:38:18 AM)

Dear Sir,

i m using ISA server standard edition 2006 .
From my ISP , we need to First Login to ISP with given username and password.after login request success we have to use proxy server and port that ISP given.
i was planning to use with my ISA server to Clients with no proxy setting at their browser also with phones.

I was configure at ISA server at webchaning rule with upstream proxy server
and there i fill the proxy and port that ISP given .

i can access internet(with no proxy setting) but not Https
when i use it doesn't work.
other page like and other http was work.

please let me know how to use https to work.

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