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charlieit -> Any upgrade issues? (14.Sep.2010 11:07:04 PM)

I have been running ISA 2006 for years with no issues. Within the past 6 months I have been seeing more and more RAM being utilized on the server and I can't account for it. It's an old server with a few GB of RAM and there's about a GB of space left on it. I decided to buy a nice new server. The other added benefit to going with a new server is that I will finally have the RAM, space, and speed to run GFI monitor.

Now am asking myself questions like: should I install x86 (are the advantages or disadvantages)? Does the latest version take advantage of multi-threading? Are there going to be issues upgrading from 2006 to the latest version? Are there issues with the latest version?

I'd appreciate any tips, tricks, or opinions to those of you experienced with this...

Thank you!


charlieit -> RE: Any upgrade issues? (15.Sep.2010 9:21:12 AM)

Please forgive the crazy reference to "x86"--it was very late on a very long day. I meant to ask are there any problems or advantages to using TMG in a 64bit environment? Is the program multi-threaded? Can you "upgrade" from ISA to TMG--or is it such a different animal you have to build it from scratch? If you can upgrade from ISA 2006 to TMG, are there any issues?

Thank you,


Jason Jones -> RE: Any upgrade issues? (15.Sep.2010 4:37:43 PM)

TMG is 64bit only, so in-place is not possible...TMG has been designed specifically for a 64bit OS so is now more scalable than ever...

However, you can import configuration from an ISA Server 2006 export to keep your existing configuration...

This should help:



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