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charlieit -> Strange Login Window... (21.Sep.2010 6:51:03 PM)

I just followed the deployment guide and upgraded an ISA 2006 server to a brand new server running TMG 2010. My old ISA 2006 had a Front End Exchange 2003 server in an Authenticated DMZ which talked (via SSL) to a Back End Exchange 2003 Server (I know, we need to work on upgrading Exchange). After importing the settings into TMG and switching all of the ethernet cables, everything was up and running on the new TMG server without a hitch!

Just a small question though: The forms based authentication screen for OWA looks a little strange. The top of the login window looks new. It is white (it used to be blue) and says "Outlook Web App". The bottom of the window looks new and has a yellow faded "wave" (it also used to be blue). But the center of the login window looks exactly like the old blue window from ISA 2006. The middle blue section is wider than the top and bottom of the login window. It almost looks like the blue window is sitting on top of a new login window.

It works totally fine, but it looks like something isn't right. Is this the way the login window for OWA 2003 on a TMG 2010 server is supposed to look like? If not, what can I check?


Jason Jones -> RE: Strange Login Window... (21.Sep.2010 8:07:57 PM)

That doesn't sound right...did you customise the old login form?

charlieit -> RE: Strange Login Window... (21.Sep.2010 9:04:53 PM)

Not at all--I wouldn't know how. Is there someplace to check in TMG to see what "type" of forms it will use?

charlieit -> RE: Strange Login Window... (21.Sep.2010 9:11:53 PM)

Ah--interesting...problem resolved.

It's a browser issue. I had to delete all cache on the browser and then refresh the page and I get the new TMG forms login. I assumed it was a TMG issue when I saw it on 4 computers. But when I deleted cache on all computers, the login screen looks better.



Jason Jones -> RE: Strange Login Window... (22.Sep.2010 4:50:28 AM)

Makes sense, enjoy TMG! [;)]

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