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Eugenio -> RDP blocked by OWA (24.Sep.2010 7:08:58 AM)


Excuse my English but I hope you can understand me.

I have a problem with a server SBS2003 + ISA2000.
In this server many users can connect with TS (VPN - RDP) and check their email with OWA or IMAP (SSL).
The services work well individually and multiple users can
connect with OWA or RDP.
What happens is that if a user is using RDP and another wants to see the email, the user is blocked and must restart RDP connection (RDP only, because the VPN is active).
If an OWA user is active and a new user wants to use RDP, RDP is blocked.
So it seems SSL and RDP can not operate simultaneously.
Unfortunately in Event Viewer there is no bug.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem?
How did you solved?
What can I check design in what happens during the connection?


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