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hsafri -> Proxy Chain Loop Error Code 12206 (27.Sep.2010 3:45:49 AM)


I aint running web server, no rules configured for such, just simply ISA Server 2004 on Windows 2003 server with AD configured. Nor any other proxy server exists on this network. However when i enable Web Proxy Filtering in HTTP, i get the above error, else when removed browsing works fine.

GW: blank

GW: (ADSL modem)
NB over TCPIP: Disabled

I have fwded DNS request to ISP DNS server in DNS management. ISA access policies seem ok since browsing and other features work when Web Proxy Filtering is disabled.

If anyone can resolve this, would be grateful. I can't seem to find option to attach images so if any good man can give me his email, will mail the snapshots of error, dns, routing table, etc.

Thanks in advance

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