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umssysadmin -> HELP to create a proxy for PCI environment (19.Oct.2010 6:57:38 PM)

We are planning to pass the PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance Audit soon.
Our Auditor said that we need to create a proxy server for our users.

Whenever one wants to visit a web site the request goes to the proxy server then the proxy goes out to retrieve the page, rebuilds it by stripping down any header information and adding its own header to it then representing this newly created page to the user. It sounds me that he wants a web proxy, I just have no idea how to go about stripping the header of the original page, rebuilding it and presenting that "new" page to the user. Is it something that is done automatically or it requires some settings?

Our PCI auditor suggested to use ISA2006 or Forefront. Given that we had an older spare server for this purpose (we are talking about only 10 users) we installed ISA2006.

Can anyone give me some guidance how to accomplish the above? I am new to ISA Server.
I would highly appreciate any help.
Thank you!

ferrix -> RE: HELP to create a proxy for PCI environment (19.Oct.2010 9:26:34 PM)

I can't speak for your auditor but they might have meant the TCP/IP headers and not the http ones..  i.e, use a web proxy like ISA that terminates and rebuilds the connections, as opposed to (say) some kind of inspection system that lets the original packets through but "watches" it. 

In order to get this feature you just have to make sure you keep the web proxy filter hooked to the HTTP protocol (this is the default) and make sure your traffic is going through ISA. 

umssysadmin -> RE: HELP to create a proxy for PCI environment (20.Oct.2010 12:12:07 PM)

I see, I think you are right. I will double check with them, but in this case the setup should be very straightforward.

Ferrix, thanx for the quick answer!

saboor -> RE: HELP to create a proxy for PCI environment (17.Apr.2015 4:05:52 AM)

Can anyone advise the best way to add the gateway back into the array and if there are any outages or any thing to watch out for when removing and adding the server back?


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