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dovey -> using cause time out (27.Oct.2010 10:51:19 AM)

using isa proxy does not allow me to access the website but bypassing the proxy works fine. Any advise much appreciated.


noddles -> RE: using cause time out (27.Oct.2010 3:21:28 PM)


I think it's dropping because you are specifying a port number (not sure). Try creating a firewall rule specifying allow access to that website ( That should do the trick.

dovey -> RE: using cause time out (28.Oct.2010 12:02:39 AM)

Thanks. The port number is causing it. When I set the rule it gives me a different error.
Most likely cause:
    Some content or files on this webpage require a program that you don't have installed.

anybody has successfully configure it? Thanks.

Rotorblade -> RE: using cause time out (28.Oct.2010 8:34:01 AM)

Is the site you're trying to access using HTTP or HTTPS?

Is this a single NIC ISA?


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