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Freekeko -> Need to control time browsing "Timer" (8.Nov.2010 1:25:53 AM)


We need to allow all employees to surfing the internet for just one hour per day , any user can surf the internet anytime through the day but for only one hour after he is exceed the time limit the browser close automatically , sure I don't mean to scheduling the internet ,It just like time quata or timer .

I searched for any third-party app but no way

any help 'll be appreciated


wishfly -> RE: Need to control time browsing "Timer" (8.Nov.2010 2:41:03 AM)

Netfee enterprise for TMG/ISA server can set time quota to each user.

robpomeroy -> RE: Need to control time browsing "Timer" (8.Nov.2010 5:54:51 AM)

Bear in mind that this is a blunt instrument.  If I load a web page, I may be "browsing" (in the network sense) for a few microseconds.  But I may then read the page, or use a Flash game on the page for considerably longer than that.  I may even open it in the background and come to it much later.  It would be annoying for the browser window to close before I had chance to read the page.

So TMG can not really know how long a web page is open for.  Other than endpoint controls, I'm not sure that you can really control this in the way you'd like to.

You might have more success from the TMG end if you consider limiting access on one of the following bases:
  • Defined periods of time throughout the day
  • Maximum transferred bandwidth
  • URL category filtering - maximum number of hits on non-work related sites
Of course, if employees can't be trusted to limit their online activity when they're supposed to be working, management has a problem on its hands that no amount of electronic controls can overcome.

wishfly -> RE: Need to control time browsing "Timer" (8.Nov.2010 8:35:40 PM)

The time of visiting website linked by a variety Time slice.
Can calculate these scattered Time slice to form a reasonable time.


robpomeroy -> RE: Need to control time browsing "Timer" (9.Nov.2010 3:47:09 AM)

Can you explain "variety time slice"?

wishfly -> RE: Need to control time browsing "Timer" (9.Nov.2010 8:09:19 AM)

"variety Time slice"-- The time to visit Internet.
For example: 06:01--06:05; 06:12--06:15 ....
All these time slice can be calculated to form a time used.

If you stand next to a person to see him visit internet. It is easy to know how long he was on. Through analysis of logs and calculation, can obtained similar results.

Freekeko -> RE: Need to control time browsing "Timer" (23.Nov.2010 5:50:43 AM)

Like robpomeroy said , the main problem are the users can minmize the browser & surf the internet later

I think the time is determine by the traffic time not the time broswer opened

correct me I'm wrong Mr.wishfly

wishfly -> RE: Need to control time browsing "Timer" (25.Nov.2010 10:38:52 AM)

Yes! Netfee can handle the normal browsing behavior. Can not know how long the browser opened.
That is the time is determine by the traffic time.

Netfee can only calculate the time first open the page. As for the time of reading web page can not be calculated.
As I can know when you come to work, but do not know what you think:)

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