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imran205 -> ISA as backend firewall (24.Nov.2010 12:48:23 AM)

Currently i am using ISA server 2004 as edge firewall. Now we want to install juniper SSG5 firewall and the internet connection will be terminate on juniper firewall. The isa server 2004 will be connected with the juniper. We want that all the users should be connected with the ISA server as they are now connecting. ISA server will be doing the content filtering and passing the traffic to the juniper.

I have Assigned one IP address to the ISA firewall's external interface and another to the Juniper's internal interface. Assigned the public (ISP) IP address to the external interface of the Juniper. The default gateway of ISA is pointing to the internal interface of the Juniper. Now the internal traffic is going out but the traffic is coming in to the internal network.

Please help in this regard

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