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Broncos -> How to publish MOSS 2007 farm (24.Nov.2010 2:33:08 PM)


Currently we have a clustered 2006 ISA servers that are publishing a web site on a MOSS 2007 WFE server and it is working fine.

What we want to do is add a second WFE server to the farm and then publish the site via a farm so that if one WFE fails then the other will server the request.

Do we have to use NLB to cluster the 2 WFE or can we just publish the site to both WFE servers and then create the publish rule to allow user to access the site.  Not so worried about load-balancing but more redundancy.



Jason Jones -> RE: How to publish MOSS 2007 farm (24.Nov.2010 3:03:57 PM)

Yes, the web server load balancing feature of ISA is better than NLB on the WFE's as it is application aware.

You will need to publish SharePoint using the farm option which might mean recreating your web publishing rule, depending upon how you set it up originally.

ISA web server load balancing will provide both load balancing and server fault tolerance, so is a good HA option.



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