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RonaldWind -> SSTP error 0x8007274C (29.Nov.2010 11:05:11 AM)


I'm trying to set up a SSTP VPN connection with a commercial certificate. We have installed a W2K8S server with the RRAS role, installed IIS and imported the certificate. On our ISA Firewall 2006 I created a publishing rule for a non-web server protocol following the following site.

When i log the firewall from a specific IP-address when i try to connect i see that there is a "Initiated Connection" for protocol HTTPS Server and 30 seconds later there is a "Closed Connection" for the same protocol.

On the client (Win7) i get the following error message:

Error 0x8007274C: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond

I don't see anything in the Eventviewer of the RRAS-server and don't see anything else being blocked on the firewall.

Jace -> RE: SSTP error 0x8007274C (16.Mar.2011 11:24:25 AM)

I have a similar issue that is driving me crazy.  I'm using TMG (member server) with a public certificate.  Clients can dial in using PPTP or IPsec just not SSTP.  They get the 0x8007274C error.  Were you able to resolve the issue?  If so, how?  Thanks.

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