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mypass604 -> How to block facebook . (13.Jan.2011 3:13:03 AM)

I am using ISA SERVER 2006.I want to block a pool of Computer set so that they does't access facebook web site. Currently I have only one rule in ISA to run my clients computers
i.e internet to External.

To block pool of ip address from Facebook I try to help from this artical
"Using ISA 2004 Firewall Domain Name Sets to Control Internet Access by : Thomas Shinder and
Printable Version"

In my ISA server under "From/Listener" I give the computer set and To "Forbidden sites" Apply it but still the users can access face book and youtube.
please help me how can I do it?

HotIce -> RE: How to block facebook . (13.Jan.2011 4:00:03 AM)


Are your user's using tunnel or proxy sites to access fobidden sites filtered by ISA server?

If they are, then create a rule to block those tunnel or proxy sites or you may use a third party progam like GFI Webmonitor.

If not, your deny rule for those specific sites must come first b4 you allow your users to access the internet.


You can insert this rule if your users are using proxy sites...

Rule: Optional
Access Name: Block Proxy Sites
Action: Deny
Protocols: HTTP, HTTPS
Listener: Internal
To: Block Proxy Sites - this is a Domain Name Sets - add the proxy, tunnel sites you want to block here)
Users: All

Rule 1
Access Name : Block Specific Sites
Action : Deny
Protocols: HTTP, HTTPS
Listener : Computer1,Computer 2, Computer 3, etc... 
To/Destination: Block Sites - this is a Domain Name Sets - add the sites you want to block here)
User: All Users

Computer1, Computer2, etc. are set of computers you want to deny of browsing those sites.
Block Sites, Block Proxy Sites are  Domane Name Sets that defined those specific sites you want to block.

Rule 2:
Access Name : Internet Access
Action : Allow
Protocols: HTTP, HTTPS
Listener : Internal  
To/Destination: External
User: All Users

Best regards,


loureed4 -> RE: How to block facebook . (18.Jul.2014 6:39:48 AM)

Hello, Could I use HTTP signatures to block facebook, but specially, to prevent users from accessing sex pages, with the word "sex" , this is, with key words ? .

Thanks in advance!

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