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big_dazza -> XML Import Error (19.Jan.2011 5:47:10 AM)

I have a 2 server ISA 2004 array. I have just built a 2 server standalone TMG array without an EMS server. When I try to import the firewall policy from ISA 2004 on the TMG array, I get an error stating "The Forefront TMG configuration cannot be imported because it was exported from a computer running an earlier version of Forefront TMG without requesting inclusion of the user permission settings or confidential information. For upgrading, the configuration must be exported with inclusion of these settings and the confidential information.". I have selected the confidential info on the export.

Please someone tell me I have no option but to manually recreate all 150+ rules I have on my ISA 2004 servers???!

Any advice appreciated.

stevem@eildon.org.uk -> RE: XML Import Error (19.Jan.2011 5:55:19 AM)

You will need to use the conversion tool described in Richard Hicks page before you can import your config onto standalone TMGs:


ISA 2004/2006 config (without conversion) can only be imported onto EMS server.

Hope that helps.


big_dazza -> RE: XML Import Error (19.Jan.2011 7:02:59 AM)

I get error:

"Error: This tool supports files exported from a single server configuration only"

Source array does have 2 servers! Argh

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