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Hunzian -> How do I get report? (24.Jan.2011 6:32:26 AM)

Hello All,

Can any buddy tell me how to get information about my client users? i.e. what ever the web page they have visited and for how long they were on that page? I am sure it can be achieved but please tell me how to do it in step by step?

Best regards,


paulo.oliveira -> RE: How do I get report? (27.Jan.2011 8:48:14 AM)


natively from ISA reports you canīt get this information. Altough, if you use a 3rd-party software, like Bandwidth Splitter, it can provide you these information.

If, you donīt want to buy a 3rd-party software, Tarek provide a nice way to get this info:

On the other side, TMG 2010, already provide a user-based native report.

Paulo Oliveira.

wishfly -> RE: How do I get report? (14.Mar.2011 2:42:01 AM)

Netfee for ISA/TMG server.

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