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kbloke -> Issue with viewing video in (31.Jan.2011 2:13:26 AM)

Hi All,

I am currently having issue to view the video site thru my ISA 2006. Ihave tested using IE 7 and Firefox and the same result. Looks like there is one error(HTTP status 406 not acceptable)  when I perform an online monitoring that is pointing to this site :

If I try to access the site thru browser I will get the error below :
The requested URL could not be retrieved

The requestor is not willing to accept the available resource. This is probably due to an Accept-Encoding header on the request. The standard available Content-Encodings are: gzip, compress, deflate and identity. Footprint 4.6/FPMCP

Generated Mon, 31 Jan 2011 07:07:25 GMT by (Footprint 4.6/FPMCP)

The problem is that if we bypass the proxy server then there is no issue viewing the video site in Any assistance is much appreciated.


kbloke -> RE: Issue with viewing video in (7.Feb.2011 4:00:09 AM)

Hi All,

Any comments is appreciated. Thanks.

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