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ezeki -> UAG Sucks Error 403.14 (2.Feb.2011 11:26:24 AM)

Been working on configuring a trunk now it has decided to stop working!!

When the client connects they see the following

Request error
Forbidden directory
Listing denied
Close the browser and tray again
Error Code: 403.14

I have attempted the fix where the site is deleted from within IIS manager and activation of the UAG config is re run - no joy

The only other point I can make is the WebMonitor tells me the following:
No trunks are configured in the Configuration program,
or all trunks are disabled.

Help please guys!

ezeki -> RE: UAG Sucks Error 403.14 (4.Feb.2011 11:55:42 AM)

Just checked out this article  (my exact issue)

Still no joy :(

How do Microsoft get away with selling such rubbish?

exaray -> RE: UAG Sucks Error 403.14 (15.Mar.2011 8:46:31 AM)

Try restarting IIS.
This resolved this issue for me.
We observed that restarting of IIS is needed after every configuration change.

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