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BurnX -> Move Url Cache (7.Feb.2011 6:51:18 PM)

My C: drive is getting a bit full, so I am going through & trying to free up space. I noticed that the previous Server Admin had set the URL cache so there is 1000MB on the C: and 1000MB on D:. I would like to set it up so there is one 2000MB URL Cache on D:

Can I just go into the Define Cache Drives ISA Cache Rule Tasks and reset the cache setting on C: to be zero & the Cache on D: to 2000? Are there any gotchas or possible problems that could come up by doing this?

I am using ISA 2004 on Small Business 2003 Premium.

Rotorblade -> RE: Move Url Cache (8.Feb.2011 8:44:43 AM)

Hi and no it should not be a problem, just make sure that the Network Service has read permissions on the root partition and or parent folders. Resart the Firewall service after making changes.


BurnX -> RE: Move Url Cache (11.Feb.2011 7:10:04 PM)

Thanks. The move went well. Everything working as expected.

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