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maismail -> no usable certificates found (13.Feb.2011 10:47:59 AM)


I have set up DA via UAG, 6to4 and Teredo are working fine .
The certificte that I am using on the UAG is not having AIA or CRL, to avoid publishing CRL, while the 6to4 and Teredo are working I still cannot get the IPHTTPS to work.

netsh interface httpstunnel show interface shows:

Last Error Code: 0x103
Interface Status: no usable certificate (s) found

How to sort it out ? what is meant by no certificate found... I believe it is the client certificate not the server one....

if this is the case, and as the client certificate is working with 6to 4 and Teredo, why does not it work with IPHTTPS...???? is there is any specific requirement for the certificate to work with IPHTTPS??


tshinder -> RE: no usable certificates found (14.Feb.2011 8:10:02 PM)

This might be related to an incorrect mapping of the computer certificate in Active Directory.

Is the client machine in the same domain or forest as the UAG DirectAccess server?


maismail -> RE: no usable certificates found (16.Feb.2011 1:44:41 AM)

it is already part of the domain

tshinder -> RE: no usable certificates found (17.Feb.2011 8:14:37 AM)

Is the CA certificate in the client computers Trusted Root Certification Authorities store?


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