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lazymsadmin -> Windows updates in DMZ (14.Feb.2011 4:02:01 PM)

Hello Room,

I have a couple of webservers in the DMZ (perimeter network) They currently have no internet connect (restricted by isa) I noticed that the windows updates are not happening since the servers cant search for updates.

How do I allow updates?

paulo.oliveira -> RE: Windows updates in DMZ (14.Feb.2011 11:53:20 PM)


create an access rule allowing these servers to access a pre-defined domain name set of Windows Update.

Paulo Oliveira.

lazymsadmin -> RE: Windows updates in DMZ (15.Feb.2011 10:55:07 PM)

tried that didnt work any tuts or links or help please its importasnt

paulo.oliveira -> RE: Windows updates in DMZ (16.Feb.2011 9:36:00 AM)


have you checked ISA firewall Logging tab? Can you provide details on your access rules? What types of ISA clients (SecureNAT, WebProxy or FWC) are you using in DMZ?

Paulo Oliveira.

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