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mcbtiger -> internet DSL router configuration (8.Mar.2011 10:41:16 AM)


I am using ISA server 2000 and windows server 2000 connected 2 lan card in internet share server.I have Aztech DSL internet router which have example ip and my local network have example .ISA server 2000 share internet through dialup connection how i share internet through Aztech DSL internet router please tell me step by step.


oscar -> RE: internet DSL router configuration (13.Apr.2011 5:40:55 AM)

Hi mcbtiger,
I am also using Aztech DSL internet router.But i know only some steps to share connection.
1: Go to control panel
2:Select internet connectin
3:Right click on current connection and open properties
4:Go to Advanced Tab and checked the box to enable sharing

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