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zlatko_k -> Duplicates in Computer Sets (10.Mar.2011 3:27:10 AM)


this is my firs post and I'm not sure if this is the right place, but still...

We have ISA 2004 SP2 installed and using as WEB proxy for our employees. Lately I have noticed in one of the defined Computer Sets, duplicate entries with names that contain some random numbers in big brackets after the real name and have the same IP address as the original one.


Have anyone else noticed this in your configurations? What can be the reason for this and how can I fix this?

Thanks in advance for any replies and help


paulo.oliveira -> RE: Duplicates in Computer Sets (10.Mar.2011 9:03:07 AM)


I canīt tell why, but you should install the latest Service Pack and fixes. ISA 2004 is at SP3.

Paulo Oliveira.

zlatko_k -> RE: Duplicates in Computer Sets (10.Mar.2011 9:09:23 AM)

Thank you for the reply.

I know that there is SP3 for ISA 2004, but we have problems when installing SP3.
That is why we use it with SP2.

paulo.oliveira -> RE: Duplicates in Computer Sets (11.Mar.2011 10:26:12 PM)


may I ask what kind of problems?

Paulo Oliveira.

zlatko_k -> RE: Duplicates in Computer Sets (14.Mar.2011 3:57:50 AM)

When we try to install it, the installation process is not finishing. It pops up a window with different errors every time and after that the users are not able to go to the internet.
We have to re register some dll's to bring it back to working order.

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