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gtucker417 -> Error code 12206 and 403 (14.Mar.2011 6:15:41 PM)

Hello anyone.  I have ISA 2k4 and I'm having issues with ISA server not allowing HTTP traffic.  I have VPN's setup to go to my other sites and those are working fine over the internet.  I just can't get my pc's to go to any website, i.e. Google or CNN.  This is the error I get in my alerts ISA Server detected a proxy chain loop. There is a problem with the configuration of the ISA Server routing policy.

The clients are getting error code 12206 and some were getting the 403 forbidden code a couple of days ago.
I have no clue of what the fix for this is.  Please, if anyone has ideas on a solution to this issue, I sure would appreciate it.


gabrieldfm -> RE: Error code 12206 and 403 (6.Oct.2012 11:14:38 AM)

i have same error!!!!

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