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kbloke -> ISA 2006 on Virtual Machine (21.Mar.2011 9:33:23 PM)

Hi All,

I remember I did ask this question before and the answer was that ISA 2006 doesn't have any problem being install onto Virtual Machine.

I am just wondering how about  if we enable NLB in this type of situation. Any problem or restirction or recommendation for ths ISA 2006 in the VM env?


pwindell -> RE: ISA 2006 on Virtual Machine (24.Mar.2011 4:04:26 PM)

The problem is in getting the NLB to actually work through the virtualized switching with the multicast -vs- unicast thing.

There would be no real benefit to the NLB anyway,...if there is a hardware failure you loose all the VM anyway.  As far as load all the VMS are sharing the same CPU from the parent and sharing the same physical nic, the whole idea is kind of pointless.

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