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rz_admin -> Internet Monitoring software (27.Mar.2011 3:19:24 AM)

We are looking for a best internet monitoring software which gives online monitoring and customized reporting.

I know GFI Web monitor adn netfee. Anymore which is more powerfull than these two.


elmajdal -> RE: Internet Monitoring software (1.Apr.2011 3:25:31 PM)


Check the software in these sections :

sieghart92 -> RE: Internet Monitoring software (31.Aug.2011 1:03:28 AM)

I'm not really familiar in both monitoring software but in my opinion Netfee is better than GFI web monitor it is because I think GFI web monitor is to intrusive enough for some internet reasons. We believe that an employee should have access to any data that is monitored. In our company we believe that an employee should have access to any data with in the vicinity for good resources. I hope you find this interesting also helpful I know a monitoring software and it is a screen monitoring software to be precise. This monitoring software is called time doctor it can monitor which application, documents, and website that is actively being use and it can determine how long does a user spend time. Also it has a screen monitoring feature that take a fairly accurate picture of what a person do when using the computer. It can also generate reports daily in each employee. This article discuss different type of monitoring software that can be use also it would help you what would be the best software for you.

astone -> RE: Internet Monitoring software (26.Mar.2012 5:43:02 AM)

The solutions that elmajdal suggested are good (in the isaserver sections). Itís difficult to determine what is the best monitoring software, IMO it depends on your personal criteria. For me Praetorian Guard does a decent job, its reporting is detailed enough and has helped me on several occasions.

erikhornung11 -> RE: Internet Monitoring software (13.Jun.2012 4:39:52 AM)

Employees are a company's greatest asset, but at times, can be a manager's greatest headache. Ensuring that everyone works to their fullest potential takes time, effort and resources. That's why businesses, especially, those with valuable intellectual property and information, need internet monitoring software. Web Filtering Software can track employee work habits, to help maintain company standards .By this, we can block unwanted websites

rickyaliasgar -> RE: Internet Monitoring software (20.Dec.2012 8:24:07 AM)

You can consider deploying on premise remote support appliance such as RHUB appliances in order to remotely monitor employees. It provides employee monitoring feature by which you can remotely monitor the PC from anywhere while the computer users cannot see and delete the remote session.

employee monitor -> RE: Internet Monitoring software (18.Feb.2013 2:02:58 AM)

I suggest you to use LAN Employee Monitor.

TechSoft903 -> RE: Internet Monitoring software (9.Aug.2013 4:04:09 AM)

There are many software which help monitor your employees, children, spouse on internet, mobile and computer, but you need to use an effective software which runs in invisible mode I would say.

istok20 -> RE: Internet Monitoring software (15.Nov.2013 3:35:27 AM)

Look at Work Examiner internet monitoring software - it can filter websites (based on urls, masks, content keywords, or categories) and provide a lot of web usage reports


allencently -> RE: Internet Monitoring software (10.Jan.2014 1:34:50 AM)

If you have a good budget, recommend you sonsider spector or spytech; If you want to a high cost performance, you can have a look at this:

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