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larbac -> HTTP Acces. 50 The request is not supported. (3.Apr.2011 8:37:35 PM)

Hi all,

I need help troubleshooting this issue.
Suddently I stopped being able to accedd the download page rom a website.

Looking at ISA logging I get:

Failed Connection Attempt ESGPRX 04/04/2011 01:35:28
Log type: Web Proxy (Forward)
Status: 50 The request is not supported.
Rule: Allow HTTP/HTTPS requests from ISA Server to selected servers for connectivity verifiers
Source: Local Host (
Destination: External (
Request: GET
Filter information: Req ID:
Protocol: http
User: anonymous

I have gone to Connectivity and added a connectivity Verifier for "" which has verified successfully.

I have also added a rule that says that all HTTP/HTTPS traffic is allowed externally and to a URL SET w(For test purpose) but the same errror comes up.

I need help in how to look at solving or narrow down this problem.

larbac -> RE: HTTP Acces. 50 The request is not supported. (19.Apr.2011 4:46:18 AM)

Hi all,

just to leave the feedback that all is back up again.
I added a new Web chaining rule that was missing and from there all started working again.


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