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Xavier_arena -> Vmware help.. (11.Apr.2011 2:12:17 AM)

hi frnds,
im new in this forums ans isa server field, i want to configure internal and external adapter im usng isa server 2006 standard edition.
i want to know deatily how to configure both adapter by using VMWARE .its very very complicated for me.i try many more times.its not working[:(].i have physical only one LAN adapter in local pc and two virtual adapter in vmware.

plz help me[:(]

stevenrix -> RE: Vmware help.. (11.Apr.2011 1:00:23 PM)

On VMware clients, just add virtual NIC for your needs, that is all. Click on VM, then settings, then add your network adapters. If it's not working, make sure the Network Adapters are bridged so that you can replicate physical connection state and respect the configuration of your network.
Once that is done, ask yourself why you need 2 NICs (very important for your network topology) and choose a diagram configuration that is available here on this website.

Xavier_arena -> RE: Vmware help.. (13.Apr.2011 1:23:12 AM)

thanks for your reply stevenrix :)

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