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mcbtiger -> External Dsl internet problem (14.Apr.2011 8:56:52 AM)


I am facing title problem in using ISA server 2004 Standrad
in my internet sharing server i had two lan card in it one is using external connection second is local network connection
i using DSL internet connection aztech router which give me external lan IP and gateway automatically.In my local network ip using up i using NAT system to translated external ip to my local ip .main problem is i inatall ISA server 2004 stantrad it work fine when i restart my internet sharing server in external lan card connection show question mark it not connect external.it show following error message.

(Windows is unable to acquire a valid network address from your service provider)

When i uninstall ISA server 2004 standrad in my server that error fix it work fine how to resolve this error i want to use ISA serevr in my network.

pwindell -> RE: External Dsl internet problem (14.Apr.2011 11:13:53 AM)

Replace the Aztech Firewall with the ISA2004 Firewall.

ISA must be on a dedicated machine all by itself.  ISA is a Firewall,...treat it like one.

Use DHCP from the Domain Controller.

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