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mjm -> VPN clients cannot access Sharepoint (6.May2011 3:56:57 PM)


About a month ago, my ISA server died. I rebuilt it on another server, and was able to a export/import all of the settings from the old one, so basically everything was the same. The only setting that did not export was a Web Listener for an old OWA site certificate that was not longer in use, so I deleted those settings, but everything else should still be the same.

Now vpn clients are not able to access 2 intranets. 1 being on Sharepoint WSS 3, and another that is built on Coldfusion. The Sharepoint one I built and the Coldfusion one I don't know much about.

ISA logging will show the client ask for the request and then 10 seconds or so later the http request will terminate.
The error code in the logfile is 0x80074e20

So, some of the things I have discovered.

-Can ping any other address on the internal subnet.
-Cannot ping either intranets
-cannot access either intranet via IE using http address or ip address.
-can access something like a printer GUI interface with IE.
-ISA server can access intranets.
-tracert to any other server will go first to RRAS, IP Routing, General, Internal address, and then the dest.
-tracert to intranet will go first to the same above and then die.

So any help would be appreciated. thanks

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