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mrcosmo -> services error (17.May2011 7:48:47 AM)

Hi all,

Our internet seems to be down several times for the last couple of days when i restart the service(whihc is down) internet will run again.
Below are the error logs i get, anyone know what could be the problem ?

---this is what i found in the logs:

"duo to an unexpected error. the service fwsrv stopped responding to all requests. Stop the service .....etc" event id 14079

---also this one:
"faulting application wspsrv.exe version 4.0 faulting module webmonplg.dll etc event id 1000

---and this one also:
The firewall service stopped becuase an application filter module c:\program\isa server\ webmonplg.dll generated an exception code c0000005 etc event id= 14057

stevenrix -> RE: services error (17.May2011 11:43:27 AM)

From MS website:
This problem occurs if the following conditions are true:
The client tries to access the ISA Server to cache responses to client requests.
The size of the file that the client requests is larger than 64 kilobytes (KB).
The client tries to access the same file and the ISA Server sends an "If-Modified-Since" request to the Web server.
The Web server responds with an HTTP status code "304 Not Modified" message to the file request.
The ISA Server sends the requested file from the cache, and then tries to delete the cached file.
Under these conditions, the Web proxy service may stop responding.;en-us;916152&sd=rss&spid=2108#top

There is a fix here:
It should take care of your issues.

mrcosmo -> RE: services error (19.May2011 9:36:47 AM)

Hi Steve,

Thx for your quick notice, i don't think the updates are the thing whats wrong becuase the server only has these error for the last 3days.

I also get this error maybe anyone knows the sollution?

"disk cache d:\urlcahche\fit.cdat failed to initialise. some errors were encountered when isa server restored specific data cache files. "

event id 14176

sk.tabrez -> RE: services error (20.May2011 2:27:43 PM)


Is your ISA server connected to a domain Server? if so just remove the ISA server from domain and join it again. by doing this i have solved my problem. We were also facing the same issue since long and this error was appearing twice a day.


mrcosmo -> RE: services error (25.May2011 2:58:34 AM)

yes my isaserver is a member of our domain i could do this but isn't it kinda harsh ?

it now is like 2 times a day whihc was 5 times before......

but still its a cache en other errors.

what can i do also?

i also saw on 2 clients pc's that the ads on some websites are flickering i dunno if this is also a problem ?

mrcosmo -> RE: services error (26.May2011 4:00:28 AM)

anyone can help me with this ?

sk.tabrez -> RE: services error (26.May2011 4:56:50 AM)

You have do it from scratch, there is no solution for this, just take the backup of your ISA FW policies and install the windows from scratch and restore.
i have tried all the possibilities but nothing work.

Best of luck.

sk.tabrez -> RE: services error (26.May2011 5:03:31 AM)

If you want to keep it running as it is you can atleast do one thing, from Services just change the recovery for Microsoft Firewall service "Restart the Service".

Good Luck

mrcosmo -> RE: services error (26.May2011 6:46:55 AM)

i just unjoined our domain and logged in as local admin but i don't have any rights to join our domain again? OMFG what now?

HELP please!!

mrcosmo -> RE: services error (26.May2011 10:36:16 AM)

after loads of sweat and a recovery password utility i managed to make the isaserver member of the domain again :) phew


I still get the 3 errors :(

anyone other suggestions ?

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