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inlining -> Change IP addresses due to new ISP (25.May2011 2:56:11 PM)

I had posted this on the access policies board but suspect this is the correct board for this question.

We are changing ISP's and I need to bind and assign IP addresses to the outside NIC and the different listeners. Can any part of this be done via a policy export where i insert the new IP's via search and replace in a text editor and then re-import the the changed policy? Or do i just have to do it manually?

Any gotchya's that I need to be mindfull of while doing this? I have SSL certs imported to this server for our Exchange OWA and also for an eCommerce site.

Thanks in advance for the feedback

paulo.oliveira -> RE: Change IP addresses due to new ISP (1.Jun.2011 7:37:12 PM)


you should do it via TMG´s GUI. Just make sure to adjust your web listeners to the new IPs.

Paulo Oliveira.

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