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vuvur -> Installing TMG Enterprise Array in a workgroup (30.Jun.2011 6:04:32 AM)

Hi everybody,
it looks like all the information currently present is on TMG server as a domain member...Our internal restrictions are to have TMG servers in a workgroup (due to their location). So could you please answer my questions:
(1) is it possible to install TMG EE for workgroup members (was not the case previously for ISA 2004-2006)?
(2) Should I install EMS array or stand-alone array, or it has nothing to do with domain membership?
(3) What are the peculiarities here (should I use any specific account to connect to DB, should I use certificates for intra-server authentication etc)
(4) are there any limitations being a workgroup member compared to domain member for array's management?
(5) is there any information published on the topic on (I've searched for it with no success)

Many thanks in advance...

paulo.oliveira -> RE: Installing TMG Enterprise Array in a workgroup (7.Jul.2011 10:37:32 PM)


first you should be aware of some limitations when installing TMG on workgroup:

Read this article about the advantages and disadvantages to install ISA on workgroup vs domain:

1) Yes, and it was possible on ISA too.
2) The answer will depend on the TMG topology you will use it and your traffic profile. Read this for more info:
3) Here you can have more info:
And also here:
4) Answerd above
5) If you need more info let me know [:)]

Paulo Oliveira.

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