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mrcosmo -> isaserver upgrade (21.Jul.2011 7:36:54 AM)

Dear all,

We have an isaserver 2004 running here and need to upgrade to a new secure sollution:
we got 2 options:
----software based TMG 2010
----hardware based sonicwall NSA 240
I have done a isaserver 2004 course and know the product quite good.

we have around 35 users and 3 webservers in dmz

what do you recommend and why?

ferrix -> RE: isaserver upgrade (21.Jul.2011 1:07:12 PM)

First, realize that they are both equally software-based.  Just one comes in the form of an appliance, and the other one you install yourself.

So your decision should be based on the features you need, and the price point, not on some concept of a difference between software and hardware.

paulo.oliveira -> RE: isaserver upgrade (21.Jul.2011 6:11:16 PM)


there are also TMG on appliances box, if that´s what you´re looking for. [;)]

Paulo Oliveira.

mrcosmo -> RE: isaserver upgrade (22.Jul.2011 3:09:53 AM)

Ok so its just the features.

---we need to add simple users from active directory
---we whant to trace internet websites

can you tell me the most difference between the 2 ?

paulo.oliveira -> RE: isaserver upgrade (26.Jul.2011 9:08:20 AM)


can not help here, because I dont know sonicwall.

You can check TMG features and compare to sonicwall.

Paulo Oliveira.

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