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PaulO999 -> RPC Server Unavailable (26.Jul.2011 3:19:12 PM)

I am in the process of migrating Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 and part of that process is to carry out checks on Active Directory and File Replication.

I have 2 domain controllers, one also has ISA 2004 and the other also has Exchange 2003 (I inherited the configuration [:(])

The first command tested DNS for both servers. 'dcdiag /test:dns /e /v /f:logfile'

It failed because the ISA 2004 machine was not accepting RCP protocol due to the default RCP Filter being enabled. I found a Microsoft Knowledgebase article that said the resolution was to install ISA 2004 SP1. I installed SP3 (latest service pack) but the problem was still there. I disabled the default RCP Filter and  and then the command completed with no errors.

The next command tested replication for both servers 'repadmin /showrepl * >logfile'
It failed because of RPC issues between servers. As a shortcut test I used 'ntfrsutl version <FQDN servername> which was successful from the Exchange server but not from the ISA 2004 server.

While looking at ISA 2004 Firewall Client Settings I found the following 'rpcss disable set to 1. According to Microsoft TechNet numerous services depend on 'rpcss' so I set 'rpcss disable to 0 (hopefully enable [;)]). However the 'ntfrs' command still failed from ISA 2004 server until I enabled the ISA 2004 Server default RPC Filter. Then the 'ntfrs' command worked from either machine. [:)]

My joy was short lived because when I retried the 'dcdiag' command it failed as before.

What is going on, what do I have to do in order to resolve this problem?

Somebody................please [:(]

PaulO999 -> RE: RPC Server Unavailable (2.Aug.2011 5:58:28 PM)

This problem has been resolved by moving the ISA Server 2004 to a domain member.

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