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isablitz -> Facebook report (7.Oct.2011 7:36:34 PM)

Does anybody have a SQL query or a way of getting a report showing all users and the amount of traffic they had on facebook.com?

It would be a very effective way of seeing who is doing their job!

wishfly -> RE: Facebook report (9.Oct.2011 5:01:29 AM)

Netfee for TMG server has this feature.

dvizzle -> RE: Facebook report (11.Oct.2011 3:26:32 PM)

command line, and grep for "facebook".

Dirty and last resort way, but many of the other 3rd party plug ins either cost money or don't work right.

jorgea -> RE: Facebook report (20.Oct.2011 2:09:07 PM)

Thanks for the tip on finding the Facebook stat information

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