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Laurie -> Slow logon (15.Nov.2011 9:55:13 AM)

I've posted this question on another forum but got no answers so I am re-posting here in the hope of getting some advive.

I've setup UAG direct access and while everything appears to work fine I am experiencing logon times of 30Mins +. Once authenticated, access to files etc are fine. It appears to be a profile issue because if the user has a local profile the delay is minimal. Here is what I have tried

1) I have placed the user in an OU and blocked inheritance
2) I have disabled optimised login on both the client and the only GPO applying to the user's OU
3) The CRL is visible from outside the organisation and I can connect using https as a direct access client
4) A warning in the client's application log says "The winlogon notification subscriber <Profiles> took 994 seconds to handle"
5) The user does not have a roaming profile

Any idea what I can try next?


yw0001 -> RE: Slow logon (31.Aug.2012 2:35:50 AM)

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aleezysam -> RE: Slow logon (16.Nov.2013 1:26:13 AM)

Great book, Ben! Definitely a much needed reference for those of us deploying remote access solutions using Windows Server 2012.

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