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rikard.burman -> Problem with https (20.Dec.2011 8:34:52 AM)


I'm using ISA 2006 std and i have a problem that when a user Accesses for example it opens that site up.
Thats not the big issue the big issue is that after they have accessed the HTTPS site it opens up all sites no matter if it is HTTPS or not.
Since the default rule cant be configured i made a new block rule with following arguments.

Action: Deny: Redirec HTTP requests to ths web page (iweb site onj our server)
Protocols: All outbound traffic
From: All networks (and local Host), All Protected networks, External, Internal, Local Host, Quarantined VPN Clients, VPN Clients
To: All networks (and local Host)
Users: All Users
Content Types: All content types

How do i do to block all HTTPS sites as well?

hadideveloper -> RE: Problem with https (20.Dec.2011 12:22:29 PM)

it is impossible, the default rule of the isa is denied everything even remote desktop to the local host(isa server itself).
The problem I think is about your network configuration, the clients somehow  bypass your isa, you can tracert to find out which ip route is used for the clients. tracert -d x.x.x.x
your isa should be the only gateway to the external and the clients should use it.

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