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hovej -> Accessing Citrix from a direct access client (20.Dec.2011 9:08:36 AM)


We have set up a lab environment and are currently testing direct access. One of the major issues we have is Citrix. When we try to launch an application it times out and reports that it cannot reach the citrix server. After reading Tomīs guide on how to support citrix via direct access, weīve decided to deploy an internal-facing CSG. In regards to doing this, does anyone have an idea on how to avoid going to the internal CSG, when connected to the corporate network? We donīt mind using the CSG when wwe are going to access it over the internet, but when we are on the corporate network it would be a bottleneck to go through the CSG instead of directly to the citrix servers.

One of our plans is to use a hardware load balancer and configure it to route traffic from the internal network to the citrix servers and traffic from the UAG to the CSG. Would this accomplish our goal? Or is there a better way to do it?

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