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bobbba -> ISA 2006 EE chane domain A to domain b? (11.Jan.2012 12:33:23 PM)

Hi all,

When we setup our ISA environment we had limited resources and we made the decision to use an existing domain on our internal network for our ISA's and the ISA CSS's to belong to.

Time has passed and our ISA use has grown and we are moving to a 3 leg model with a perimeter network and I would like to tidy up things by changing the setup to work from a new domain specifically for ISA and the perimeter servers with the DC's and the CSS's operating from the perimeter network.

I think that I can do it it by installing a new ISA EE CSS on the perimeter, importing the config from the existing. Taking out one of the ISA's and joining it to the new domain and adding it to the new CSS. Disabling the remaining ISA (briefish outage at this point I expect) and then adding that to the new ISA domain and new CSS.

Can you see any problems with the above or do you know of any considerations I should take into account?

Any help or advice given greatly appreciated.

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