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jpluim -> Outlook/PDA stop responding after (6.Mar.2012 10:54:06 AM)

The active directory account receives the 14 day password expiry notice.
I am researching a problem we have with our PDA and Outlook Anywhere clients. When their AD account goes to password expiry mode, the PDA and Outlook clients the emails stop syncing. On the phone they get a Error Code 85010013. If they change their password for the AD account and update on the phone it works normal. Outlook clients go in a disconnect or trying to update state. If they change their password it works as normal again.

Using ISA 2006 SP1 with Exchange 2003 SP2.
What things do I need to look at or modify to have the clients connect without issues. They get the password expiry notice from logging on on the pc, no need to have Outlook or the PDA do this.

Thanks again for your time

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