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mercede75 -> Yahoo Messenger working on ISA Server but not on LAN (1.Jun.2012 6:41:40 AM)

I want to allow yahoo messenger on my network. After searching much on the internet and analysing the Yahoo Messenger behaviour using Network Monitor I made a user defined protocol for Yahoo Messenger and an access rule. The settings are given below:

Machine: ISA Server 2006 Enterprise Ed
[Name: Yahoo Messenger]
Primary Connections
23 TCP Outbound
443 TCP Outbound
5050 TCP Outbound
80 TCP Outbound

Secondary Connections
64438-64439 TCP Inbound
64452 TCP Inbound
64491-64492 TCP Inbound
64499 TCP Inbound


Then I made an access rule with the following settings:

Access Rule: Yahoo Rule
Actions: Allow
Selected Protocol: Yahoo Messenger
From: Internal/Local Host
To: External
Users: All Users


Problem: If I install the yahoo messenger on ISA Server it works, I can connect and chat but on LAN it just does not work. How do I allow the yahoo Messenger on my LAN? I have also tried turning off my local firewall but it does not help. What could be the problem?

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