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spobeda -> How to publish NVR (19.Jun.2012 10:27:05 AM)

Hello people, we have the NVR DS95XX_N_S HIKVision.
The NVR have the web server and you can browse, configure and watch the camaras from a browser.
when I publish the web server to be accessed from the Internet, the home page show me the form, with the username, password and port, and whe i put this information i cant access, and the nvr show me "connect server falied".

Any idea?
Thank you!

yw001 -> RE: How to publish NVR (12.Dec.2012 11:32:41 PM)

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markspend1 -> RE: How to publish NVR (8.Mar.2013 8:13:12 AM)

Hello Guys i think that for installing the NVR in different system setting for distant tracking.First of all you should Plan the system topology then Install the IP camera .After that you should Set up the router/ unique server,firewall system to allow distant tracking over the Internet.Install and manage the viostor nvr.Thanks!!

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pwindell -> RE: How to publish NVR (11.Mar.2013 9:59:32 AM)

What does "can't access" mean?

1. The page tries to load but authentication fails?

2. or is the page simply unreachable (aka Page Not Found)

3. Are you trying to do Basic Authentication over HTTP rather than HTTPS?

mahi -> RE: How to publish NVR (9.Oct.2013 5:10:25 AM)

I do not believe it works with HTTPS because the encryption prevents everything to the right of the Domain Name from being read and processed. Therefore you need to do the "redirect" from the Web Server itself (aka the code in the webpage) rather than trying to do it at the Firewall.

pwindell -> RE: How to publish NVR (9.Oct.2013 8:07:52 AM)

You replied to me with something that I was the one who wrote it.

nomibucha100 -> RE: How to publish NVR (11.Oct.2013 2:09:37 AM)

thanks for the sharing

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