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jfh777 -> Authentication Failure for Some but Not All (6.Jul.2012 3:34:05 PM)

Experienced, but not with ISA. So be easy.

Using a mobile app to access our HelpDesk suppport software. One user can authenticate with domain creds and log in with no problems. Another user cannot. If fails every time. In the ISA monitoring log I get some 401 Unauthorized and some 500 Internal Server Error entries on the failure.

I duplicated these domain accounts, and the behavior is the same. The good one authenticates, the bad one fails.

I have tweaked and poked at the firewall policy, but the results are the same every time.

One noticeable thing - if I purposefully use a bad password for the account that fails, it takes longer to fail and the app gives me a different error. To me that indicates that the failure with the good password isn't even allowing the request through to the domain.

Another thing - I can browse to the URL with the mobile browser and I get through every time, with either ID.

Dunno. Any ideas? Thanks!

jfh777 -> RE: Authentication Failure for Some but Not All (12.Jul.2012 8:55:28 AM)

Any thoughts would be appreciated. ISA Server 2006 5.0.5723.514.


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