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eastmarw -> TMG's Future (10.Jul.2012 3:02:28 PM)

With the future of TMG being up in the air, and M$ unwilling to give any sort of direction if there is any we are being forced to look into alternatives to TMG.  Gartners has indicated that McAfee, Blue Coat Systems, Websense, Zscaler or the leaders in this field.  I have looked into Blue Coat, McAfee and Zscaler and it really appears that none of them do what exactly what TMG does for us.

Has anyone else looked into a replacement for TMG and if so what?

dvizzle -> RE: TMG's Future (11.Jul.2012 7:12:53 AM)

Microsoft isn't going to outright drop TMG.

I could see them dropping the web filtering because that is the worst part of the product. We dropped Websense because of cost.

For a general proxy, I still prefer squid to TMG.

Now, if you want a all-in-one solution, then you will have to do some more research.

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