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GiT -> ISA 2006 deployment questions (16.Oct.2012 4:10:05 AM)


We have the following setup:

ISA2K6 STD running as a VM
Sits on W2K3 STD R2
3GB memory
C: drive only (no separate page file)

The box is under load and I want to deploy another instance (not a cluster, a replacement) cant deploy W2K8 and TMG

Can ISA 2006 STD sit on W2K3 64bit
If it can what is the memory address limit for ISA 2006

Thanks in advance.

elmajdal -> RE: ISA 2006 deployment questions (16.Oct.2013 12:27:57 PM)


Can ISA 2006 STD sit on W2K3 64bit

No , only TMG supports 64bit OS, Windows Server 2008 ( Not 2003 )

ISA Server only supports 32bit Windows Server 2003 OS , and not Windows 2008.

sarakhan -> RE: ISA 2006 deployment questions (19.Dec.2014 11:29:54 PM)

Hi Guys,

How can i set ISA to block http traffic (except for two sites) at 45 past the hour every hour for 15 mins? in the schedule i can see it only does it for an hour at a time?


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