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noddles -> ISA 2006 and Guest Network (7.Dec.2012 11:51:51 AM)

Hi People,
My company runs ISA 2006 SP1 on a Windows server 2003 SP2 box. Configuration is a simple Edge Firewall configuration. Our ISP used routers to configure our WAN, so our ISA NAT's traffic to the router which pushes traffic to the internet.
Recently, my CEO asked us to implement a separate network that our guests can utilize without them having access to our internal network. We configured a separate network and added a sub interface on our router.
Our problem is how do we secure the guest network. Guest would have unlimited access to the internet once their gateway points to the newly configured sub-interface on our router. This in turn consumes our bandwidth hence the need to secure and manage that network via the ISA.
Please can i secure the guest network with my ISA? Would really appreciate any form of HELP.


elmajdal -> RE: ISA 2006 and Guest Network (16.Oct.2013 12:35:41 PM)

Add another Network interface to your ISA Server.

It will be :

External Nic for ISP
Internal NIC : For Internal LAN
Guest NIC : For Guest LAN

Create a new Network , call it Guest on your ISA Server
Then you need to create a Route Network Relation between Guest Network and External.
Then Create Access rules for your Guest Network.
In this way, you will be completely separating the Guest Network from your LAN.

MikkyHarren -> RE: ISA 2006 and Guest Network (1.Oct.2014 2:16:37 AM)

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